PDB Art Project 2021

Over the Covid 19 pandemic our fabulous year 11 students from 2021 have worked with Structural Biologist Onisha Patel from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI). Through delivery of online tutorials and class room visits when permitted, she has helped students navigate the data bank to explore the beauty of molecules that interested each student on a personal level. Students generated scientific based art works that drove their curiosity to discover more through their research. It has been amazing to see the student directed learning that has taken place, in both scientific discovery and their studio practises as young artists.

Gwin Hayes

Rat Companion, Fabric, Hand dyed Wool, Jewels

PDBe code: 6lbg

Emma Solomon

270 degrees of uncertainty, triptych, Interactive Acrylic on canvas

PDBe code: 6jfv

Kasey Graham

Changing Emotion, watercolour on arches paper
PBDe code: 4zel

Mia Douglas Mueller

Have We Met, Pastel, watercolour and burnishing on plywood
PDBe Code: 5ou8

Jimin Choi

Insomnia 1, Etched laser cut acrylic, watercolour, lightbox
PDBe code: GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) - 4atq

Phoenix Cannizaro

Mind Switch detail, charcoal, conte and pastel on paper

PDBe Code: serotonin: 6y5a

Holly Ledwich

Untitled, suspended paper sculpture
PDBe code: 6itp - crystal structure of cortisol with it's nanobody at pH 3.5 complexed

Elle Twigg

Life After Death, wire, clay, plaster, latex, acrylic paint
PDBe code: collagen

Bethany Muir

On the surface, Interactive Acrylic and Lino Print on canvas
PDBe Code: 4v6x

Roxy Phipps

Untitled, Acrylic and Print transfer on Fabric
PDBe code: 6suz

Amber Sivyer

Effects of a Broken Mind, Acrylic Paint on Mirror fragments with timber burnishing
PDBe code: 5e3C

Rooba Giebartowski

Untitled, fineliner on paper
PDBe code: 5v4b

Asma Arale

Untitled, Acrylic and Oil paint on canvas
PDBe Code: 1ere

Naomi Nicola

Dark Horse, Recycled books, Wire, Silicon on timber
DBe code: 2e7m

Ethan Kok

The Repeated Encounter, Digital Print on paper

PDBe code: 2JUL

Scarlett Mallia

Colour, love Madness, exploration detail  

PPDB Code: Oxytocin1npo